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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


“If someone says, ‘I love God,’ but hates a fellow believer, that person is a liar; for if we don’t love people we can see, how can we love God, whom we cannot see? And he has given us this command: Those who love God must also love their fellow believers.”  1 John 4:20-21  NLT
            This is a subject that needs to be brought up.  Loving fellow believers.  First off we must use spiritual discernment to determine who our true comrades in the faith are.  There are many folks throughout the world who say all the right things, yet have no intention of living for God any more than they intend to marry a pig.  They use spiritual verbiage to suck in trusting souls with the full intention of taking advantage of them.  I’ve had it happen to me before and perhaps you have too.  However, it’s like I always say, “It’s never wrong to do the right thing.”  We may have been taken advantage of, but we did what we felt led to do so we were obedient and that’s far more important.  We were a little torqued when it became apparent that the gentlemen we had been helping was nothing more than a lying user, but that’s between him and God.  We did the right thing in God’s eyes. 
            Now on to those who worship with us each week.  We’re not always going to agree with every word that comes out of some folks mouths, but we’re asked to love them just as God loves us; with mercy, patience and compassion, without conditions.  That can be easier said than done at times, but it is quite necessary for us as believers.  Scripture teaches that the world will know we are Christians by our love for one another (John 13:35*).   If we can’t get along with those of like faith then what does that tell outsiders.  We’re not talking about putting on a happy face even when we loathe someone.  We must ask the Lord to enable us to see others, all others, the way He sees them.  We need to look past people’s faults, failings, annoying habits and idiosyncrasies just as God does with us.  He loves us regardless of what baggage we carry.  Nothing can separate us from the love of God. 
            With this in mind we must focus on Christ and let our love for Him extend to those we meet in church and in our community.  Forget what they look like or even act like.  God saved us in spite of ourselves, so who are we to judge?  Live life with a positive demeanor that exudes love, mercy, kindness and compassion.  Then they will see God.  Until next time, walk with the King and be a blessing!

*  John 13:35  (The Message - MSG)  “Let me give you a new command: Love one another.  In the same way I loved you, you love one another. This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples—when they see the love you have for each other.”

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