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Friday, March 16, 2018

Thoughts From a Random Mind

          I feel like Christians can be their own worst enemy. We judge people based on their looks, as if we had it all together. We ask people to stop cussing, as if we never slip up and say one ourselves. We inform smokers that it will kill them if they continue, as if they were unaware of this fact. We either dislike or avoid those who are different then us, when in reality we’re all pretty much the same. We practice the old ‘do what I say, not what I do’ adage, as if people are too stupid to see right thru it. We act like we are superior to those outside the family of God, while we are only different by God’s grace. Everyone isn’t like that I’m sure, but my point is that we treat unbelievers like they are so much different than us and as a result cause animosity to grow between the saved and the unsaved.  It should really not come as a shock to any one of us that so many non-believers can’t stand Christians?
          We are no better than ANYONE else. We are sinners saved by grace. What or who gives us the right to act in such an un-Christ-like manner? Our personal thoughts and opinions are meaningless. What we say sounds like nothing if it isn’t followed or better still led by actions. We need to lead by example if we are to change the world for Christ. Put your personal agendas aside and ask the Lord to show us how to see others thru his eyes. Develop compassion and mercy. Cultivate a humble, quiet spirit. The old chorus ‘They will know we are Christians by our love’ should be a standard that we live by.
          Don’t read this and say that you don’t have anything that needs changing. You’re fooling yourself. We all need a spiritual makeover. Knowing we’ll never be perfect this side of heaven is no reason to avoid seeking perfection in all aspects of our lives. Surrender to the Lordship of Christ and live your life the way God intended you to live. Until next time, walk with the King and be a blessing! rlkeller

Thursday, March 15, 2018


          There are some people who quit going to church because someone offended them or they didn’t like this or that. Because they allowed their emotions to dictate their actions they cut off a critical line of spiritual food. It’s the same as cutting your fuel line on your car and then expecting it to run. Your walk with the Lord will become stagnant, like a pond without a fresh source flowing into it. I know individuals who have stopped going to church for various reasons. Everything from deception to hypocrisy keeps them away. Was it real or just their perception? Remember, one’s perception is their reality, but either way the end result is the same.
          Not being happy at a church shouldn’t stop you from going to church altogether. Find somewhere else to go, understanding that even the most unique and spiritually alive church will become flawed once you pass thru the doors. No one is perfect so finding the perfect church is impossible. Not going anywhere at all one of the worst things you can do for your faith. Take yourself and your emotions out of your decision and visit churches with an open mind and heart. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to a church where you can be blessed and be a blessing.
          Don’t cut off your source of spiritual nourishment for you’d be playing right into the enemy’s hands. Being ineffective for God’s kingdom is his aim. It’s a battle you don’t want to fight because you can’t win. Without God’s guidance and wisdom to draw from you don’t stand a chance against the wiles of our wicked enemy.
          The only way we will become more like Christ in our daily lives is to stay tapped in to the only source of eternal truth. Don’t base your decisions solely on your feelings and end up short changing yourself. God has many wonderful blessings in store for those who stay engaged with him continuously. Until next time, walk with the King and be a blessing! rlkeller

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


"The world is changed by your example, 
not your opinion."
Paulo Colino

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


          With few exceptions the vast majority of people feel they are good. This thought begs a very important question. Who decides what’s ‘good’? It has to be a universal definition that can easily apply to everyone on the planet, one that cuts thru language and cultural barriers. Who on this earth could accomplish this? What’s good for you may not be good for me and so on. There has to be a standard.
          Good is a relative term used far too loosely. Like the word ‘normal’, I would venture to say that everyone has his or her own personal definition of ‘good’. I believe most would admit they weren’t choirboys, but they haven’t robbed a bank or committed murder so they feel they are good people. They hope they have been good enough to go to heaven when they die.  If they are not the least bit “religious” I suppose they would hope there really is no God.  I have a shocking revelation for you; Jesus himself says no one is good accept Father God. JESUS said that even HE wasn’t good. If Jesus isn’t good than what hope do any of us have to being ‘good’?
         Goodness comes from God. That along with peace, patience, mercy, compassion, love, wisdom, guidance and so on. God is all we will ever need to make it in the life and the one that follows. With God we are children of the most high King. With God we are forgiven. We are proclaimed holy and righteous in his sight.
          There is no such thing as ‘religion’. The word doesn’t even appear in scripture. The thing I’m speaking about is a relationship of the most personal kind with the Creator of the entire universe and man’s first breath. I’ve walked with the King since March of 1979. I am coming up on my 39th spiritual birthday. The only bumps in the road have been of my own doing, but then God never promised a problem free life. I’m not good, but I am a treasure in the eyes of my Heavenly Father. And so are you if you’ve entered into that relationship with him too. We’re not good and we’re not at all normal and I don’t care. I am who God made me and I’m proud of who I am and whose I am. You should be too. Until next time, walk with the King and be a blessing! rlkeller

Mark 10:18 (AMP) “Jesus said to him, ‘Why do you call Me good? No one is [essentially] good [by nature] except God alone.’”

Monday, March 12, 2018

Thoughts From a Random Mind (with a little help from Cicero)

The Six Mistakes of Mortal Man

1.  The illusion that personal gain is made up of crushing others.
2.  The tendency to worry about things that cannot be changed or corrected.
3.  Insisting that a thing is impossible because we cannot accomplish it.
4.  Refusing to set aside trivial preferences.
5.  Neglecting development & refinement of the mind & not acquiring the habit of reading & study.
6.  Attempting to compel others to believe and live as we do.

Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 B.C. - 43 B.C.)

            How interesting that someone prior to the birth of Christ placed his finger on the pulse of mortal man. These 6 mistakes are common of man even today. Life without Christ leaves men vulnerable to their own limited resources. When a person thinks they are correct in their thinking they are much less likely to listen to reason let alone godly wisdom.  It doesn’t require intellect to find truth, only faith and trust in someone greater than yourself. Many people have done a lot stranger sounded things than that to achieve what they are looking for. Seek God while he may be found. Until next time, walk with the King and be a blessing! rlkeller

[Cicero was a Roman statesman and man of letters, Cicero was Rome’s greatest orator and it’s most articulate philosopher. The last years of republican Rome are often referred to as the Age of Cicero.]

Thoughts From a Random Mind

1. To live in a place permanently or for an extended period.
3. To rest

         The Church of Grace & Peace in Toms River, NJ has a contemporary worship & prayer time one Friday night per month they call RESIDE. From a spiritual viewpoint the word reside can have several meanings. To reside can mean to simply ‘live’. Once redemption occurs the Holy Spirit comes to reside within us to lead and guide us thru life. When we worship the Lord we reside in the spirit.  At that time we can also reside in a restful, still, quiet state of meditation. When we pass from this world into the next we will then take our rightful place as residents of heaven, by virtue of the salvation purchased on our behalf by Christ on the cross at Calvary. The unregenerate man resides in the world. He doesn’t need to live there permanently, but it may be for an extended period of time until he feels the tug of the spirit on his heart suggesting there is much more to this life than just existing for yourself.
          In a world where being on the go seems to have become the norm, rest tends to elude most folks. It is also common among the brethren. We must be reminded that while we are to make ourselves available to be used by the LORD, works is not the path to heaven. There must be a finely tuned balance between using our gifts for the Lord’s kingdom, spending quality time with our family and keeping ourselves spiritually nourished. Being at the church every time the doors are open and the lights are on may not be the correct approach for everyone. Find rest in the Lord and peace will follow. We can think more clearly and hear the spirit’s voice more concisely when we are at rest. Reside in his presence, allow yourself to be watered by the Spirit and grow. rlkeller

Friday, March 9, 2018

Thoughts From a Random Mind


       Mankind cannot survive without oxygen. It’s the air we breathe. Without it we would die. Oxygen is taken into the lungs where it is used as a component that allows us to function. Like blood, oxygen is a key element in life. The Lord is like oxygen to our soul. He enables us to function spiritually speaking. He helps us understand his life giving word.  He gives us guidance & direction via his Spirit within us. He shows us unconditional love by the death of his own Son. We would be aware of none of this if we didn’t enter into a personal relationship with him. Breath in the life that the Lord provides. You can’t experience it with your senses … you feel it in the deep recesses of your heart. That’s when you know without a shadow of a doubt that there is definitely something much greater than yourself. That should make you want to draw closer. Engage the Lord daily thru prayer and praise. Breathe in the spirit that resides within and over you, permeating your very being. Commune with your creator God and know the peace that only he can give … the kind that the world will never comprehend.  Meditate on his promises that they might attach themselves to your memory.  God is like oxygen. To live to the fullest extent, you need him more than the actual air you breathe each moment of each day.  Without God in your life you’re not living, you only exist.  Think on these things. Allow them to sink deep into your conscientiousness. Let them devour your soul that you may experience the best God has for you. Until next time, walk with the King and be a blessing! rlkeller