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Saturday, October 1, 2016


Psalm 116:1-2 New Living Translation
“I love the Lord because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath!” 
         The great thing about God is that scripture is relevant for us today. This is because God is not only no respecter of persons, but also that time is completely irrelevant to Him. So when we find ourselves in a place where we need Him to hear our voice, we can be certain God does hear and will act on our behalf. As always, it’s done his way and in his time for he always knows what is best for us and what the best time is to provide that answer. We can confidently call out to God anytime of the day or night in any situation we happen to find ourselves in and He will hear us. He is not like we are, half listening and not hearing, but rather is attentive to our cry and ready to take care of any need we may have.
          I would like to point out that the writer’s phrase “because he bends down to listen” shouldn’t be seen as a conditional response. This is all figurative language for we know that God, being a spiritual entity, doesn’t have a literal ear to incline towards us. I believe this verse should be looked at from a slightly different perspective: Using history as his proof, the writer will always call on God because he always gets results. Would you continue to contact someone if you could never get a hold of them? At some point you would probably stop trying, figuring that person on the other end doesn’t want to be bothered or is busy. Neither scenario would ever be the case with our God. We are never, ever bothering Him, neither is He ever too busy to hear us and act on our behalf.
         God’s consistency is one of His greatest attributes. He is always the same. He never changes. We are the only ones who can circumvent His will for us by willfully walking off in a different direction than He intended us to go; free will allows for that. When we finally wake up and realize we have made a mistake, He is right there to pick up the pieces and help us move on. God is the only one who truly cares and is able to do something about the situation we may be in. If you feel alone, even in the midst of a sea of people, and desperately need someone to listen to you, talk to God.  Sometimes it helps to have some you can have a dialogue with, so if you need a physical presence to speak with, ask the Lord to provide someone who can be trusted to listen.  Even when the whole world lets you down, God is here and he cares. Until next time, walk with the King and be a blessing!
Resource: The Life Application Study Bible, published by Tyndale House.

Note: “God is so responsive that you can always reach him. He bends down and listens to your voice. This writer’s love for the Lord had grown because he had experienced answers to his prayers. If you are discouraged, remember that God is near, listening carefully to every prayer and answering each one in order to give you his best.” [Study note in the Life Application Study Bible for Psalm 116:1-2; page 1,266.]

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