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Friday, August 10, 2012


Psalm 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. “
Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God; …”

          A refuge is a safe house or haven; a place where we can feel safe and actually be safe. David announces that God, Himself, is our refuge. When we are weak and cannot go on, God is our strength. When we are down and out, so low we can barely see light, He is our ever-present help. He is omnipresent, as in everywhere at the same time. It is by His Holy Spirit that He can be all places at the same instant. His Spirit pierces the darkness that exists in this world. His presence is as a bright light turned on in a pitch dark room. No matter what trouble we may find ourselves in, God is there in the midst of it. He always provides a way of escape from each and every temptation or difficulty. It is our responsibility to be attentive and in tune with Him so that we might recognize that escape route. The words used are words that are definitive and unchanging. It is not that God was or will be our refuge and strength, but rather is. It’s like the name that He gives Himself; He is not I WAS or I WILL BE, but rather I AM (Exodus 3:18). He is our ever-present help. The word is encompasses past, present and future. He is constant; He never changes (Malachi 3:6).

“God is constant. He does not change: He does not grow; He does not evolve; He does not develop—He is immutable (not susceptible to change). All His perfections are without variation, without addition or subtraction and without progression or mutation. He does not increase nor decrease in strength and wisdom. His glory does not fade nor become more glorious; His righteousness and truth are not added to nor diminished. His knowledge does not expand, and His decrees do not change. His promises are steadfast; His word remains unadjusted for all eternity.” (1)

          Christians struggle through life just as non-Christians do. The difference is that we have chosen to believe that there is a God that loves us and cares for us. For seekers of the truth, it is the one thing that seems to make sense though at the same time illogical. God’s Spirit created a spark in our soul igniting the faint ember that exists deep within every man. Relying on an unseen deity doesn’t make us weak as some would say for it requires faith and everyone has faith in something or someone. Christians happen to believe in an unseen God as if He could be seen. His works are all around us, yet can only be seen by those who are using their spiritual eyes. It is in the stillness that we sense the presence of God, not in the chaotic cacophony of sound that so frequently surrounds us. God’s presence can be felt sitting on a porch in your own backyard listening to the sounds of nature. He can be found in the silent meditation of His word. It is our choice to believe as we choose. There is a right choice and a wrong choice. Only we can know in our soul what the correct choice is. It is not a heart decision, for that allows emotion to dictate the choice made. It is not a choice of the mind, for intellect is not ultimately required. Our soul cries out for love, peace and forgiveness and our soul knows from whence that comes. It only comes from the One who created it.


(1); Embraced by Truth … Reflections on Theology and Life; author unknown.