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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


1 Peter 1:15-16 New Living Translation
“But now you must be holy in everything you do, just as God who chose you is holy. For the Scriptures say, ‘You must be holy because I am holy.’”[1]
         God is merciful and just and cares personally for each of us who follow him.  His command that we be holy just as he is holy is spoken for our own good.  The Lord knows the end result of a life that has taken a path that leads to violence, adultery, promiscuity, deceit and spitefulness. There is no lasting contentment or fulfillment to be found in anything but what God prescribes.  You would have to accept this by faith and learn to trust that God has your best interests at heart. 
         To be holy is to be set apart for God’s use.  To be consecrated is to devote or dedicate yourself to a specific purpose.  God gives each of us gifts to be used for his glory and our greatest benefit.  We must use these gifts with an attitude of holiness and humility.  Once redeemed, we need to realize that it’s not all about us; it’s about God and his heavenly purposes.
         Peter, a recipient of numerous beatings and incarcerations, knew all too well what the early believers were going thru.  This letter to the scattered churches throughout the region[2] was sent with the purpose of encouraging the brethren in their faith so that when persecutions came to them they were better able to stand up to it.  Therefore, we are to be holy in the way we live.  This doesn’t mean we are to live perfect lives, for that would be impossible. No one is perfect except Jesus.  When we were saved we became righteous and holy in the sight of God because of Christ’s blood.  The blood and God’s grace have carried us to where we stand today.  Set your life apart for God’s use and then be used to his glory each day.  Until next time, walk with the King and be a blessing!
Resource:  The Life Application Study Bible.
[1] Leviticus 11:44 New Living Translation
“For I am the Lord your God. You must consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am holy.”

Leviticus 19:2 New Living Translation
“Give the following instructions to the entire community of Israel. You must be holy because I, the Lord your God, am holy.”

Leviticus 20:7 New Living Translation
“So set yourselves apart to be holy, for I am the Lord your God.”

[2]  Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia.

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